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Casino Committee Divided over Middleborough Casino

On November 4th, 2007, the members of the seventeen town committee, organized to help cushion the effect of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribal casino, are not inclined to reward a seat to Middleborough. Middleborough already has an $11 million deal with the Mashpee tribe.

Lakeville Selectwoman Nancy Yeats and the task force's leader said that all of the members of the table are Selectmen and Middleborough just sends Town Planner Ruth Geoffroy. She added that Town Planner Geoffroy is out of place and improper. She even considered removing her from the proceedings. At the next meeting, Middleborough Selectman Patrick Rogers was given permission to air his side and he requested that Middleborough be given a slot at the table.

Yeats said that Rogers' request is more acceptable although there are a lot of members that still believe that Middleborough should not be given a slot at the table. Yeats said that her problem is that Middleborough has already signed an agreement with the Mashpee tribe. But Middleborough Selectman Wayne Perkins said that they information that they can share with the other selectman are valuable.

Plymouth Selectman Kenneth Tavares commented that he respects Middleborough's decision but they must look out for the welfare of their own communities. A representative from the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development, Stephen Smith commented that although he is not in favor of Middleborough's decision, the task force is making a big mistake.

He believes that everyone should be included in the discussion. Halifax Selectman John Bruno and Acushnet Selectman David Wojnar are also both opposed in allowing Middleborough to be included in the discussion. Middleborough Selectman Perkins commented that the task force is making a big mistake by barring them from the discussion.


11/20/2007 05:47 PM


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