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Verifying Online Casino Payouts

There are several different factors that make good online casinos, and perhaps the most important is the payout percentage. This is usually stated on the front page of every online casino. However, before you begin to play it is necessary to verify if they are really telling you the whole truth with all those tempting offers. The payout rate, and indeed the entire operation must be audited by a third party auditor. Some of the names that do this are eCOGRA and the Online Players association.

There are several ways of verifying the payouts in the online casinos. Perhaps the best way is to read the monthly reports that are issued in such sites. It may be surprising to know that many online casinos will present sensitive financial information to the third party auditor in order to ease the minds of the players, and to draw in more customers. When verifying the payouts of an online casino there are a few points to keep in mind. The payout rate should fluctuate from month to month, as a sign that the random number generators are working properly. And of course, reports that are issued by the online casino must bear the mark of the third party auditor, in order to ensure the verity of the facts presented.
Written by Uther McFarkson, 10.11.05


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