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Chandler Residents Worried About Effects of New Casino

On March 17, 2007, the specter of a casino being constructed in an Indian Reservation located in southeast Chandler has stirred some resentment and opposition from the residents in the area, which in turn have prompted them to request a meeting between the city officials and the leaders of the Gila River Indian Community.

According to City Spokesman, Jim Phipps, although a date for the meeting has yet to be set, the city officials also want to address the traffic problem that the gambling casino will cause.

The community has also announced that they will be expanding the current size of their Lone Butte Casino facility and move its current location on the Santan Freeway and the Interstate 10 southwest of Hunt Highway and Gilbert Road. The whole casino project is expected to cost around $60 million.

The expected completion date is in the fall of 2008. The move to relocate the Lone Butte Casino is connected to another project to move the Indian Tribe's bigger Wild Horse Pass Casino closer to Interstate 10. Under the law, the casino must be placed at least 1 ½ miles apart from it.

Phipps commented that the Chandler Officials are worried that the effect of the new Lone Butte location which is just south of Chandler could cause a huge traffic problem in the area. Some of the residents in the area also fear the problems that can result from an increase in traffic jams and crime in the area.

Mike Guilliam, a resident of Springfield Lakes, said that he will support the casino and is puzzled as to why many residents are opposed to it. The Lone Butte Casino is supposed to feature a 120,000 sq ft gaming area, containing 700-750 slot machines and a 750 seat bingo hall, 2 restaurants as well as a food court.


08/06/2007 23:46 PM


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