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Judge Maddox Dismisses Tax Hike for Nevada Casinos

On February 16th, 2008, a series of proposals in the state of Nevada which would triple the amount paid by casinos in taxes was dismissed by a district judge in Carson City.

Attorney Kermitt Waters from Las Vegas had introduced two petitions that aims to increase the tax on casinos that earn more than $1 million monthly from the 6.75% to an average of the maximum tax imposed by other states with casino facilities.

The Nevada Resort Association fought the petitions on the grounds that it contains misleading sentences and it would also give Nevada's right to set their own rates compared with other states. Judge Bill Maddox sided with the objections and gave Waters a week to appeal the ruling. Waters is expected to bring the case to the State Supreme Court.

Waters proposed to use the additional revenue to set aside the property taxes in Nevada but the judge decided that the property tax relief and the tax increased are two separate different issues and needed separate referendums or decisions.

Maddox also decided that that using the tax plans of the other states would be an improper delegation of the House rights to decide on taxes and the allotment of funds to specific areas would stepped over the house's responsibility to decide on public spending.


03/02/2008 22:45 PM


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