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Kansas Extends Deadline for Filing Casino Application

Kansas has so many problems in dealing with their casino expansion plans that it has almost become the norm. The latest problem occurred on January 17th, 2010 when a deadline for filing of applications to construct a casino facility in Cherokee County came and went with no applications.

Penn National Gaming originally had the gaming contract to construct the casino in Cherokee County several years ago, but the organization backed out on their agreement. The group decided that they could not effectively compete with a neighboring tribal casino in Oklahoma.

Since Penn National Gaming backed out of its casino commitment, Kansas has been searching for another developer or waiting for a developer to step forward. But the economic recession hit and the Kansas Lottery received no other bids. With no casino applications before the deadline, the Lottery now extended the deadline to April 16th, 2010.

Kansas is hoping that economic and credit conditions improve, making a casino in Cherokee County again attractive to casino developers. There has been one casino proposal submitted by Ozark Trail, but the lottery dismissed the offer when they decided that the group could not produce the necessary funding. They also claimed that the group did not possess enough experience to manage a casino facility.

Kansas has only one operating casino out of the four that were approved several years ago. The casino in Dodge County is already operational. The two other zones that were approved for casinos are Wyandotte and Ford Counties.


02/14/2010 11:42 PM


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