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Nevada State Education Association Propose Increase in Casino Taxes

On October 9th, 2007, a teacher's organization in Nevada announced plans to promote a referendum calling for bigger taxes imposed on the state's largest casino facilities to get more cash for Nevada's K-12 school system.

The plan of the Nevada State Education Association initiative would add a 3% tax on the existing gaming profits collected by the casino facilities in Nevada, those that earned more than $1 million per month. It would increase taxes by 9.75% and produce more than $200 million annually.

Lynne Warne, the president of the NSEA said that there is nothing more vital than improving the teacher's salaries, benefits and improving the conditions of the area that they are working in as well as the learning capability of their pupils. She added that they have chosen to do something about it.

The proposal made by the NSEA would have to be ratified by voters in 2008 and 2010 before it could be enforced. The head of the Nevada Gaming Association, Bill Bible challenged the plan by the NSEA and commented that if the taxes were raised it could remain lose in jobs and investment.

The casino industry is already the source of 1/3 of public's education's finances. During the 2007 legislative session, legislators passed $2.3 billion for the K-12 education for the two year budget that will end in 2009.


10/17/2007 03:44 PM


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