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Rhode Island Discusses Casino Gaming Expansion

The northeastern part of the United is being compared to a game of dominoes. The casino gaming expansion race started a few years ago and almost every state in the area has had some form of gaming expansion. Rhode Island legislators will get their chance to discuss the casino gaming expansion issue next week.

The House Finance Committee will convene on May 20th, 2010 to discuss the merits of adding casino table games to the two licensed casino facilities in the state. Twin River and Newport Grand would earn millions of dollars under the gaming expansion plans.

Currently, the two casino facilities are only allowed to offer video lottery terminals to their customers. However, the need to offer other gaming options is obvious with all the gaming expansion happening in the northeast.

The states of Delaware, New York, Maryland and Pennsylvania have all expanded their gaming markets in recent years. It is the state of Massachusetts that presents the biggest threat to Rhode Island and recently, the state's legislators approved the construction of two casino resorts in the area.

Representative Stephen Ucci said that now that the state of Massachusetts is now literally knocking on Rhode Island's door, it is something that they need to address and decide how they will answer. The approval of the House Committee is just the initial step for the gaming expansion plan.

Once it receives the approval of the House and Senate, Rhode Island state voters would need to decide on the issue, with no amendment being permitted to become law without the approval of state voters.


05/30/2010 13:35 PM


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