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St. Louis Casino LLC Files Case Against Casino Queen Incorporated

Casino Queen Inc. was cited as the defendant in a lawsuit filed by the CP St. Louis Casino LLC and CP St. Louis Acquisition LLC.

According to court documents filed by the complainants, the reason for the lawsuit is a breach in a merger agreement between the companies.

The lawsuit, which was filed by the CP St. Louis Casino LLC and CP St. Louis Acquisition before the State of Illinois' Southern District Court in East St. Louis, asks for $15 million in total damages for the CP St. Louis Casino.

On June 21, 2007, CP claimed that the Casino Queen from East St. Louis engaged in questionable conduct that resulted in an investigation and disciplinary action given out by the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB).

Ron O'Connor, a spokesman for Casino Queen, said that the gambling casino organization has a policy not to discuss any lawsuit filed against them. O'Connor said that they have not seen the official court documents yet so they deemed it inappropriate to discuss the case.

Attorney John Papa from the Callis law firm in Granite City, Illinois is representing the CP. A lawyer for the Casino Queen was not mentioned in any of the court documents. O'Connor said that they have not hired a lawyer yet, but he said that they have a policy to employ an in-house lawyer.


06/26/2007 22:08 PM


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