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University of Nevada Study Shows High Level of 2nd Hand Smoke in Casino Restaurants

On January 6th, 2009, according to a new study made by Nancy York, a nursing professor from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas between November 2007 and March 2008 found out that restaurants within a casino facility contain unsafe levels of second hand smoke when compared to the existing federal guidelines, despite an existing Nevada law blocking smoking in eateries. York said that the smoke does not just stay on the casino gaming floors. She added that the cigarette smoke is drifting, which is only a normal occurrence, into the areas that are designated to be non-smoking areas.

The only option to have a non-smoking area is to have a non-smoking establishment. The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act, which bars smoking in restaurants and bars that offer food, was enforced on December 2006. Smoking is still allowed in casino facilities. York and other researchers at the University randomly picked 16 restaurants-eight restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip and eight restaurants throughout the Las Vegas area-located in casino facilities.

Researchers from the public health department of the University of Kentucky also helped gather facts for the study. Using small air quality monitors, the researchers have measured the quality of the air inside the casinos first, then within an eating establishment inside the casino facility. York said that the measurements that were taken were like inhaling smoke like the regular customers.

The smoke monitors were worn by York and the other researchers doing the study under their clothing and the restaurants were not aware on what is going on. Although secondhand smoke pollution in the restaurants was lower than in the actual casino floor, twelve of the restaurants still had smoke pollution levels that exceeded the recommendations for indoor air quality of the Environmental Protection Agency. The study did not actually name the restaurants monitored nor the casino facilities in which they were located.


02/05/2009 19:02 PM


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